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Prolotherapy for cartilege growth in severe knee osteoarthritis December 4, 2016 - Chondrogenic Effect of Intra-articular Hypertonic-Dextrose (Prolotherapy) in Severe Knee Osteoarthritis Gasto´n Andre´s Topol, MD, Leandro Ariel Podesta, MD, Kenneth Dean Reeves, MD, FAAPM&R, Marcia Mallma Giraldo, MD, Lanny L. Johnson, MD, AAOS, Raul Grasso, MD, Alexis Jamı´n, MD, Tom Clark, DC, RVT, RMSK, David Rabago, MD Abstract Background: Dextrose injection is reported to improve knee…
The Dormant Butt Syndrome June 6, 2016 - http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dormant-butt-syndrome-a-cause-of-common-aches-and-pains/ Multiple news sources last week have reported on a physical phenomenon labeled as a “dormant butt syndrome”. This is a condition where postural muscles become deconditioned from too much siting and cause problems in the lower back, knees and hips. Although it sounds like it is something that has been newly discovered, medical, sports…
Soft Tissue – Why Is It Important April 28, 2015 - The soft connective tissue, located just under the skin, is a white membrane that wraps and connects the muscles, bones and blood vessels of the body. Soft tissue is also called fascia. This of it like the white fuzz inside an orange peel, connecting the "skin" and the "meat" of the orange. Learn More
Spring Clean the Diet April 22, 2015 - Spring is a time of regrowth and renewal. As the sun begins to shine and the temperature rises, we begin to open windows or clean the yard in order to prepare for a new season. Tis’ also the perfect time to “spring clean” your diet, transitioning from common comfort foods of winter to nutrient dense…
Physical Therapy Outdoor Walking Season April 13, 2015 - Spring marks the opening of “outdoor walking season” in western New York. Like any other activity, walking has its own specific injury profile often involving the foot and ankle. Learn More
Prolotherapy Prolotherapy Stimulates Tissue Repair March 23, 2015 - Prolotherapy is injection of any substance that promotes growth of normal cells, tissues, or organs. Studies have shown that it stimulates tissue repair.
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Understand it and Beat it! February 23, 2015 - The typical lumbar spinal stenosis patient has difficulty with walking, standing and occasionally reaching overhead. You are not doomed to a life of leg pain and weakness. We can guide you through a progression of non-surgical options.
What exactly is the practice of Yoga? February 23, 2015 - The practice of yoga is for keeping in shape, but it creates fitness in more then just the physical sense. Learn more about what the practice of yoga is.
Hypoglycemic Index helps determine what kind of foods are good for you! February 13, 2015 - The Glycemic Index is a way to categorize carbohydrate rich foods and classifies foods from 0 to 100, based on how quickly glucose is absorbed after foods are consumed. Learn more...
PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis: Study shows significant pain reduction and improvement in function December 14, 2014 - The purpose of this study was to investigate whether platelet-rich plasma therapy for early knee osteoarthritis is associated with good clinical outcomes and a change in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) structural appearances.

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Paul Weber testimonial

Paul Weber testimonial
Torn ribcage ligament.
One and a half years of chest pain.

I was in severe pain. Simple daily tasks were basically impossible. I tried massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic care with no relief. My quality of life was severely impacted. I could barely do anything; something as small as helping my wife carry in groceries was painful. It was extremely difficult as I was very active prior to this injury. Dr Kaplan informed me that I had torn a ligament connecting my left ribs to my sternum as a result of repetitive physical work. I received an injection of a concentrated sugar solution into the torn ligament with a procedure called prolotherapy from Dr Kaplan and began to feel immediate relief. I can now do all the physical things I have been avoiding for over a year. This
treatment has changed my life.

Paul Weber.

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Believer in Prolotherapy

I’ve had back issues for more than 30 years. The pain has at times contributed to poor sleep. I’ve had such intense pain that I was pretty much nonfunctional. Before meeting Dr. Kaplan, I’d been to many doctors. I was x-rayed and sent out to get an MRI. The physiatrist gave me epidural cortisone injections and said that if that did not work that I would need surgery. The treatment was good for about one week. I was not yet sold on surgery. Additionally, I’ve been going to a chiropractor for many years of back adjustments. One day he told me that my problem was not a chiropractic issue. I gave up my home-improvement contractor’s license and resigned myself to being in pain.

Then I met Dr. Kaplan. After three Prolo Therapy treatments, I’m thrilled to report that I feel substantially better. The chronic pain is gone. My back feels stable for the first time in many years. Additionally, Dr. Kaplan’s bed-side manor, during the injections, was superb. The combination of Dr. Kaplan and Prolo Therapy has been the best thing to happen to my back in the past 35 years. I am a believer in Osteopathic Wellness Center of WNY, Dr. Kaplan and Prolo Therapy.

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4 years of arthritic thumb pain.

Over the past four years my arthritic thumb joint has gotten progressively more painful and weakened. I had purchased all the splints recommended with little relief from the pain. NSAIDS were not having much of an affect. I had constant pain in my thumb. It was the one thing that made me feel my age. Yoga positions that I once enjoyed became more and more difficult. Riding my bike was not without discomfort. Even driving highlighted the pain that I had from this degenerating joint. Tightening and loosening lids were problematic. The joint was swollen and tender to touch.

It is like years have been erased since I had my last prolotherapy injection. The swelling and pain has disappeared. I am able to easily do the downward dog yoga position without any discomfort and I no longer ask for assistance with opening jars. I cannot recall the last time I grimaced at the wheel of the car while driving wishing the pain in my thumb joint would go away. It is difficult to imagine all the pain that I once had now that it is gone. I have highly recommended Dr. Kaplan’s Osteopathic Wellness program to friends who suffer from arthritis. I have tremendous respect for Dr. Kaplan and his commitment to wellness. I have been more than pleased with the care and surprised by the generous amount of time that he is able to commit to his patients.

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Back on the tennis court!

I have been playing tennis since I was about 8 years old. Unfortunately I suffered a severe elbow injury, which damaged tendons and ligaments in my inner, lower right elbow. At the time, the only real option to treat such an injury was with surgery that involved a long recovery period. I visited a renown elbow specialist in NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery, who told me to treat it conservatively and get more PT before even considering the surgical route. At that point I decided I would not have the surgery, and resigned to the fact that I would probably never play tennis again.

Fast forward almost 15 years where I start my treatment regimen for my elbow with Dr. Kaplan. I first had the Tenex procedure done, followed by PRP therapy, and finally a few treatments of prolotherapy. I combined those treatments with about 12 sessions of physical therapy, and I am thrilled to say that I am back on the tennis court playing about 3 hours/week at a solid 4.0 level, all while being pain free for the first time in 16 years!   Granted, I am about 15 lbs. heavier, and 16 years older, so I don’t quite move as well as I did back in 1999, but the important thing is I am back out there thanks to the successful treatment I received from Dr. Kaplan!

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Windsurfing without significant pain

I have been suffering from severe osteoarthritis of the right shoulder for five years. Before I started to see Dr Kaplan, I have tried physical therapy, herbal anti-inflammatory medicines, vibration therapy, and stem cell injections. These treatments provided some relief but I continued to have pain during windsurfing, and other strenuous activities. My shoulder was getting gradually worse, and was popping, rubbing, and grinding.

My quality of life was significantly affected. Windsurfing is my passion and I became depressed as it became increasingly more difficult for me to enjoy the sport. I was also having difficulty sleeping and using crutches which I need to use when I am not wearing my leg prosthesis.

I received three PRP treatments from Dr Kaplan. They were done under ultrasound guidance for accuracy. Dr Kaplan’s treatments have allowed me to windsurf longer and with out significant pain. I can move my shoulder with less popping and grinding and sleep better at night. Dr. Kaplan has a practical and knowledgeable approach. His evaluation by ultrasound at each treatment allows for better injection technique and with reduced discomfort.

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